[Pdns-users] DNS is not updated after changing the server on a domain.

Roeland Buisman robuisman at axess.nl
Tue May 20 07:13:35 UTC 2003

Hi.. I did update a few domains. They where on a bind server:

I updated the records at the registrar to my own servers that use power dns.
(ns*.powerdnsname.nl )

Now i can see that the Whois rcords are changed ( already two days. ) they
point to the new server. But somehow the domain is still úsing the óld
server. At least the domains are still pointing to the old webserver
IP-address that we did not fill in the new nameserver.

How is this possible ? and how can i let those domains point to the
addresses in the new dns asap ?

I hope this story is a little clear and that someone can help me find a


Roeland Buisman

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