[Pdns-users] problem of supermaster

郭飞 guofei at hichina.com
Fri May 16 01:55:29 UTC 2003


I have a problem of using supermaster!

When I apply the feature of supermaster I just can not synchronize DNS records to the slave completely.For example I have more than 400 domains and there are three records for each domain,which are SOA, A, NS(pointed to the slave).When I inserted all of domains and their three recrods of each domain into the supermaster's Mysql DB I found only a little part of domains and their records were synchronized to the slave.In monitor mode of supermaster,I can see the output of something like 'Queued notification of domain XXX'.The count of these lines equals to the number of domains inserted into then supermaster's Mysql DB.Also I can see the output of something like 'Received NOTIFY for XXX' when the slave runs in monitor mode.But the count of these lines does not equal to the number of domains notified by supermaster.So there is something confused me.Supermaster will queue notifications for domains' slave.But the slave did not receive all of the notifications.Then when will those domains whose notifications were not received by the slave be notified to the slave again?

My configurations lists here:


backend:gmysql(Mysql DB on this machine)


backend:gmysql(Mysql DB on this machine)
supermaster setting: insert into supermaster values('','',null);

My steps list here:

1.Run master in monitor mode
2.Run slave in monitor mode
3.insert domains and their records directly into master's Mysql DB

By the way,every SOA record among all the records (A,NS,SOA) for each domain was inserted at last.

If anyone knows what the problem is,please tell me!

Thanks advance!
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