[Pdns-users] LDAP

bert hubert ahu at ds9a.nl
Sat Mar 15 07:37:06 UTC 2003

On Fri, Mar 14, 2003 at 03:31:05PM +0100, Remco B. Brink wrote:
> Hi,
> been reading a bit through the archives and documentation, but haven't
> been able to find a clear answer yet. 
> Is it currently possible with the current version of PowerDNS (2.9.6,
> since CVS seems to not work at the moment) to use an LDAP backend that
> both reads and writes DNS changes to LDAP?

Not write. PowerDNS almost never writes to its backend. Can you explain how
CVS is not working? Have you read HACKING?

> We're currently working on integrating LDAP and DNS, specifically for
> dynamic DNS like services. Most of the solutions I've seen so far
> (specifically ldapdns and BIND-sdb) seem quite limited in their
> possibilities. I've got high hopes for PowerDNS, but would love to get
> some more information about the current status its LDAP support.
> Comments well appreciated, thanks in advance! :)

What kinds of updates would you want to process, 'dynamic update'?



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