[Pdns-users] LDAP

Remco B. Brink remco at rc6.org
Fri Mar 14 14:31:05 UTC 2003


been reading a bit through the archives and documentation, but haven't
been able to find a clear answer yet. 

Is it currently possible with the current version of PowerDNS (2.9.6,
since CVS seems to not work at the moment) to use an LDAP backend that
both reads and writes DNS changes to LDAP?

We're currently working on integrating LDAP and DNS, specifically for
dynamic DNS like services. Most of the solutions I've seen so far
(specifically ldapdns and BIND-sdb) seem quite limited in their
possibilities. I've got high hopes for PowerDNS, but would love to get
some more information about the current status its LDAP support.

Comments well appreciated, thanks in advance! :)


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