[Pdns-users] Porblems PowerDNS 2.9.6 - Windows

Michel Stol michel at powerdns.com
Thu Mar 13 16:23:50 UTC 2003


>If I run using loglevel=9 still no luck and see no changes in error
>If I run using old pdns.conf ODBC file it works perfectly. Still not sure if
>using old conf ODBC file will stop the memory leak problem.
>Is this strange or what? What do you think it could be?
>Patricio Valdes
>Parava Networks

Then it might be a problem with the new Generic ODBC backend, but it's working fine here.
I only get that error when I try to resolve a domain that isn't located in the database.

And are you using the 2.9.6 from the website? Because I remember sending you a new binary which says it's 2.9.6, but 
did not include some fixes to the gODBC backend.


- Michel

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