pdns startup script? (Was: Re: Fw: [Pdns-users] Recursor backend.. THE FIX :))

A/S ScanNet - Dan Faerch dan at scannet.dk
Wed Mar 12 08:24:03 UTC 2003

> > Ya know, that'll likely fix the issues I've been observing (and chances
> > are, the issues you saw were the same as what I was seeing).
> Thus far, it seems to have done precisely that.
Mine ran fine too, until yesterday, where it chrashed 5 times within a 8
hours... Ive sendt bert trace of the coredump and he's proberbly doing what
he can to find the bug.. Strangely enough, it hasnt crashed since... So this
bug must be rather rare.. Ill post the fix as soon as i get it and has
confirmed that it does the trick ;)..

> PowerDNS for an updated startup script which also fires up
> pdns_recursor?  Right now, I'm using a cronned Perl script I wrote to
I dont think the recursor comes with the deb package... (I coulndt find it
when i installed the pack)

> make sure pdns_recursor was running, then start it if it ended up being
> dead.
Hehe.. Yeah.. I made something like that.. My own 'guardian' process that
keeps it running if it crashes..

- Dan

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