[Pdns-users] Fancy Records and Redirectors

A/S ScanNet - Dan Faerch dan at scannet.dk
Thu Mar 6 08:04:10 UTC 2003

> Hi Folks,

> Would I be right in thinking that a suitable "redirector" would
> essentially be an ordinary SMTP server willing to relay for the source
> domain?
Yes.. But that would leave you with an open-relay server.. You need to
somehow make your SMTP server do its "forwarding" lookup into the eg. mysql
backend of pdns and then ONLY relay to the "To:" addresses..

I shortly tried to use postfix with mysql support to do this, but it just
doesnt work that easy.. Postfix can do the "virtual" (same as forward)
lookup in the mysql, simply looking up from at address.com to to at address.com.
Yet, postfix doesnt stop there. It then does a lookup on "address.com" just
to see if its present.. If it is, then postfix regards the forward as a
"local-delivery".. Since you always have "address.com NS something" and
"address.com SOA something" ect, postfix will always think that the mail
should be delivered locally, and therefore falls on its face..

> Also I'm not sure how this
> really differs to setting up the domain on the mail server and forwarding
> mail to the destination account as normal.
It doesnt.. PDNS simply delivers an MX record to the mailserver you choose..
The only difference is that the mailserver should do the forwarding-lookup
in the PDNS backend..

I also saw MBOXFW somewhere referred to as "The slightly deprecated
MBOXFW".. Which sound to me like the functionallity will be removed in the
So im proberbly gonna recode our webinterface, to simply add the MX record
of my choise, and then add the forwards to another table (for postfix). That
should do exactly the same..

The URL redirection however, is pretty cool and i use it with much ease...

- Dan Faerch
A/S ScanNet

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