[Pdns-users] Fancy Records and Redirectors

Richard Mason richard.mason at ulticonn.co.uk
Wed Mar 5 17:43:13 UTC 2003

Hi Folks,

I currently evaluating the benefits of exploiting the "Fancy" record
capability PowerDNS offers.  I guess firstly I will need suitable SMTP
redirector.  Would I be right in thinking that a suitable "redirector" would
essentially be an ordinary SMTP server willing to relay for the source

If that is the case, surely that makes the SMTP server highly susceptible to
abuse (particularly if wildcards are in use)?  Also I'm not sure how this
really differs to setting up the domain on the mail server and forwarding
mail to the destination account as normal.

Your advice will be much appreciated.


Richard Mason

Ultimate Conn-X-tion
Tel/Fax : +44 (0)1206 522799
Web : www.ulticonn.co.uk

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