[Pdns-users] AXFR's in powerdns

Andrew Mulholland andy at bash.sh
Fri Mar 21 20:01:16 UTC 2003


I noticed today that my servers were allowing AXFR's from anywhere,
despite me having the following line in pdns.conf


I'd assumed (it seems incorrectly), that this would mean it would only
allow AXFR's from that ip (my secondary nameserver).

so currently one must do the following:


in _that_ order.
as having allow-axfr-ips first, seems to not work.

can I request that if its not difficult, maybe change this to
automatically assume disable-axfr=yes IF allow-axfr-ips is defined
unless otherwise specified in the configuration.

One other thing noticed, by Stuart Walsh,  which is kinda related, as its only used if
using master/slave stuff,  that if you've accidentally set a slave with
a null master, it segfaults PowerDNS.
from memory, what bind did, was just ignore that zone.

I guess similar errror handling would be cool for powerdns too.

thanks :)


"Thanks, and THIS time it really is fixed. I mean, how many times can
we get it wrong? At some point, we just have to run out of really bad
ideas.." -- Linus

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