[Pdns-users] Provisions for DB failures?

Gabriel Ambuehl gaml at buz.ch
Sun Mar 16 18:32:38 UTC 2003

I just stumbled over PowerDNS and I must say, I'm deeply impressed by
what I see (sure as hell beats BIND hands down).

However, there's one thing that kinda scares me: suppose I use the
MySQL backend (which is what I'd like the most) and the DB goes down
so now I'm with a DNS daemon that's still running but not sending out
any data as it can't get to it. So is there some sort of filesystem
based cache module that can take over in such a situation?

Sure I have 4 DNS in two different places but I still don't like the
idea of having one box down to a DB failure and it gets even nastier
if its the primary in a one primary, 3 superslave [1] scenario...

I'd appreciate any comments on this issue.


[1] I LOVE that feature ;-).

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