[Pdns-users] Using Zone2Sql with Microsoft DNS Boot File

Matt Crook matt at 1i.ca
Mon Jun 30 21:59:44 UTC 2003

thats no error, that just microsoft adding blank lines to the root file...
yay, go microsoft.

A true file shouldn't... so anyways, to make a long storie short just make
sure the last line in the file isn't blank... you can do this by editing the
file with notpad or with whatever floats ur boat....


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Subject: [Pdns-users] Using Zone2Sql with Microsoft DNS Boot File

> Hi Folks,
> Trying to port my old Microsoft DNS Server zones over to PDNS (~200),
> zone2sql.  With the following syntax, I receive the error message quoted
> below:
> D:\PowerDNS>zone2sql.exe --named-conf="Zonefiles\boot"
> Fatal error: Error in bind configuration 'Zonefiles\boot' on line 202:
> error
> Line 202 is the last line in the file, which is blank:
> -snip-
> (Line 201) primary     regionalproperties.com regionalproperties.com.dns
> (Line 202)
> -snip-
> Is this error being raised because it was expecting to find something that
> isn't there prior to reaching the end of the file?  There is nothing other
> than lines similar to 201 in the entire file, so I can appreciate it's not
> exactly a named.conf!  Can I spoof the necessary to get it to work?
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