[Pdns-users] Using Zone2Sql with Microsoft DNS Boot File

Richard Mason richard.mason at ulticonn.co.uk
Mon Jun 30 17:47:01 UTC 2003

Hi Folks,

Trying to port my old Microsoft DNS Server zones over to PDNS (~200), using
zone2sql.  With the following syntax, I receive the error message quoted

D:\PowerDNS>zone2sql.exe --named-conf="Zonefiles\boot"
Fatal error: Error in bind configuration 'Zonefiles\boot' on line 202: parse

Line 202 is the last line in the file, which is blank:

(Line 201) primary     regionalproperties.com	regionalproperties.com.dns
(Line 202)

Is this error being raised because it was expecting to find something that
isn't there prior to reaching the end of the file?  There is nothing other
than lines similar to 201 in the entire file, so I can appreciate it's not
exactly a named.conf!  Can I spoof the necessary to get it to work?


Richard Mason

Ultimate Conn-X-tion
Tel/Fax : +44 (0)1206 522799
Web : www.ulticonn.co.uk

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