[Pdns-users] Microsoft SQL ODBC Backend Connection, help please?

Michel Stol michel at powerdns.com
Sat Jun 21 00:25:50 UTC 2003


> Hi there, I was looking through the documentation and found the SQL 
> CREATE statement to create the table for powerdns to use; however, 
> Microsoft SQL says I have illegal syntax near 'auto_increment'.  Does 
> anyone have a solution for this or a proper CREATE SQL statement that 
> will create my tables?

Microsoft SQL probably don't support auto_increment as MySQL does (not sure 
Maybe you could import the example database (Access) into MSSQL trough 
ODBC, but I don't know if this is possible as I've never used MSSQL myself.

> I haven't used Microsoft SQL much, I prefer MySQL, but we're working on a 
> Win2k platform here.  :(

MySQL runs perfectly under Win2k, so that might be an option too :)


- Michel Stol


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