[Pdns-users] Feature request: Generic zone

José Luis Tallón jltallon at adv-solutions.net
Mon Jun 16 22:30:18 UTC 2003

At 12:57 16/06/2003 -0400, Damian Gerow wrote:
>Thus spake Mohamed Lrhazi (mohamed at your-site.com) [16/06/03 10:53]:
> > I'd like to request a feature, unless this is already possible somehow....
>I'd like to second this request.  We have a number of zones that I'm
>planning on making the case for moving to pdns, but if we need to updated
>3,000 records whenever a change is made, it's a PITA.  It would be much
>easier if we could either do something like a domain-wide CNAME (which is
>either against the RFC or BCP), or have a field in the 'domains' table to
>indicate that this zone is a mirror of another local zone.

Please keep in mind that, since the backend is a DB, this change can be 
easily scripted.

If this feature was indeed deemed necessary by the developers, however, it 
would be enough to just a column called "template" in the domains table, 
and modify the code to behave like this:
+ If 'template' is NULL, proceed as usual.
+ If 'template' is not NULL,
         - query the "records" table for the named RR data
         - proceed loading the RR data from the named "meta-domain" from 
the records table, and cache it with an increased in-memory persistance ( 
thus speeding following queries )


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