[Pdns-users] Feature request: Generic zone

Mohamed Lrhazi mohamed at your-site.com
Mon Jun 16 14:53:14 UTC 2003

Hello all,

I'd like to request a feature, unless this is already possible somehow....

We are a web hosting company, so we are authoritative for tons of  
domains.. and the zones are, not surprisingly, extremely similar... 
99%,  probably, all have the exact same data.... a few A records, three 
NS records, two MX records... all having the same content, same IPs....

Is is possible to have some generic zone that applies to all?

I'd like PDNS to lookup the SOA record, if found, then just get the 
content for the answer from this generic zone...

If some asks for A record: www.somedomin.com
check SOA for somedomain.com, if found, then we are authoritative,
look for A record : www.somedomin.com, answer if found
else look for www in generic zone and answer if found
else we r missing that A record.

Maybe I am not clear, am I?

Thanks a lot.

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