[Pdns-users] PDNS 2.98 setgid/setuid confusion

Dean Mills misterd at shaw.ca
Mon Jun 9 02:14:31 UTC 2003

Greetings all,

I recently install PDNS 2.98 to replace tinydns, and I'd like to say a big
THANK YOU to the PDNS authors, simple, straightforward, and no forced NS
names like tinydns! But I did notice a rather odd problem when I use setgid
and setpid in my pdns.conf file...

In my pdns.conf

When looking at the logs, I noticed it stated...

Set effective group id to 520
Set effective user id to 520

Except on my system, the group ID is not 520, it's actually 519. Thankfully,
it's just a typo in unix_utility.cc on line 89.

I changed this...

      theL()<<Logger::Error<<"Set effective group id to "<<uid<<endl;

to this...

      theL()<<Logger::Error<<"Set effective group id to "<<gid<<endl;

and all is reported properly. Minor I know, but a bit of a scare when I saw
it and knew I didn't have a group ID of that number! :)Thanks again for a
great DNS server!


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