[Pdns-users] zone2sql - vis zone transfer

Andrew Mulholland andy at bash.sh
Sun Jul 13 15:51:19 UTC 2003

Hi Charles,

On Sun, Jul 13, 2003 at 09:25:00AM -0400, Charles H. Gucker wrote:
> Hey everybody,
> 	Before I start to go down a road some of you have traveled
> before, I thought I would at least ask.  Has anybody added in a
> zone transfer ability into zone2sql, such that I could just list
> the domain, and what name server to pull it from and it would then
> be sucked directly into the DB (without having to use a named.conf
> or domain by domain via flat files).
> 	I would imagine since the routene's are already present
> within pdns itself, it should be trial, but doesn't hurt to ask.

Why do you need to use zone2sql for this?

What I have done in the past is create a slave zone on the server
running PowerDNS:
(I'm using mysql here)

mysql> insert into domains (name,master,type) values

Allowed AXFR's from 'master' dns server, I've told PowerDNS to slave
from, and then once the AXFR is completed, change it to being a master
zone within PowerDNS.

If you want to do it for hundreds (or even just 10s) of zones..
you should probably use the supermaster functionality:

mysql> insert into supermasters (ip,nameserver,account) values

and then tell bind, or whatever you're using on the old master (in my
case bin.bash.sh), to issue a Notify for all zones (usually restarting
it,  Ithink does this).

The zones will all be created on your nameserver, then you can probably
use a simple update such as:

mysql> update domains set TYPE='MASTER' where master='';
and then
mysql> update domains set master='NULL' where master='';


the above worked for me, and my nameservers are all happily using
PowerDNS/Mysql now :).



> Thanks,
> charles
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