[Pdns-users] something about fancy records

Roeland Nieuwenhuis trancer at poweradmin.org
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No you can not use dig for that I guess.

The idea of those fancy records is that you have different software
reading from that table aswell. Like an URL redirector, if PDNS gets a
query and sees a URL it will return the directive you set at the
configuration toggle 'urlredirector'. After that the client will go to
that IP Address with the headers of the original URL in his http packets

The idea is that you write a redirector there. You query the powerdns
database and see "hey this user requests this site, ok lets send him


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In pdns.pdf,something about fancy-records is stated as :


This record denotes an email forward. A typical entry looks like this:
support at yourdomain.com MBOXFW you at yourcompany.com
When PDNS encounters a request for an MX record for yourdomain.com it
will, if fancy records
are enabled, also check for the existence of an MBOXFW record ending on
’@yourdomain.com’, in
which case it will hand out a record containing the configured
smtpredirector. This server should
then also be able to access the PDNS database to figure out where mail
support at yourdomain.com should go to.


URL records work in much the same way, but for HTTP. A sample record:
yourdomain.com URL http://somewhere.else.com/yourdomain
A URL record is converted into an A record containing the IP address
configured with the
urlredirector setting. On that IP address a webserver should live that
knows how to redirect
yourdomain.com to http://somewhere.else.com/yourdomain.

Who can tell me details when URL forward and Email forward happen?

In addition, if I inserted URL and MBOXFW records into gmysql DB,can I
use dig or any other linux commands query these records? For example,
issue the following commands from command line:

dig @localhost abc at test.com MBOXFW
dig @localhost url.test.com URL

and obtain successful returned informations?

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