[Pdns-users] Re: Problem, and NEW Question

Taylor Dondich tdondich at majiknetworks.com
Wed Jul 2 19:49:15 UTC 2003

When attempting to use godbc, I get this error:  (Win2k)

About to create 3 backend threads
godbc Connection succesful
godbc Connection succesful
godbc Connection succesful
Done launching threads, ready to distribute questions
Caught unknown exception in Distributor thread 3104104

This occurs when I attempt a query against the server.  Any further 
attempts continue in further unknown exceptions in Distributor threads.

Any further debugging I can perform?  I'd really like to see this 
project function for us.  :)  It's great on UNIX.  ;)


Michel Stol wrote:

>> Sorry about the previous e-mail, I was typing godbc as the backend 
>> instead of odbc.
> I recommend you to use the godbc backend, in that case you should use:
> godbc-datasource, godbc-username and godbc-password in your pdns.conf
>> Question, has anyone implemented PowerDNS on Win2k using ODBC as a 
>> slave? If so, how was the performance, any issues?
> We tested it very briefly with the old ODBC backend, but it should work 
> with
> the new generic ODBC (godbc) backend.
> You're free to experiment and share your experiences ofcourse :)
> Greetings,
> - Michel Stol

Taylor Dondich
Majik Networks
702-896-3470 - Office
702-617-9613 - Fax

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