[Pdns-users] Re: Problem, and NEW Question

Michel Stol michel at powerdns.com
Wed Jul 2 18:59:33 UTC 2003

> Sorry about the previous e-mail, I was typing godbc as the backend 
> instead of odbc.

I recommend you to use the godbc backend, in that case you should use:
godbc-datasource, godbc-username and godbc-password in your pdns.conf

> Question, has anyone implemented PowerDNS on Win2k using ODBC as a slave? 
> If so, how was the performance, any issues?

We tested it very briefly with the old ODBC backend, but it should work 
the new generic ODBC (godbc) backend.

You're free to experiment and share your experiences ofcourse :)


- Michel Stol

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