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Ian R. Justman ianj at ian-justman.com
Fri Jul 18 00:42:57 UTC 2003

I meant to send this to the entire list as well so everyone can benefit.


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Subject: Re: [Pdns-users] AXFR in 2.9.8 version
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2003 17:41:43 -0700
From: Ian R. Justman <ianj at ian-justman.com>
To: Vinicius Correa <vcorrea at plugin.com.br>
References: <019801c34bd0$7c900580$2701a8c0 at plugin.local> 
<1058428046.1993.20.camel at vaio.diederik.nl> 
<006601c34c69$0304a920$2701a8c0 at plugin.local>

Vinicius Correa wrote:
> Hi there!
> Now I'm using 2.9.10 but i'm having another problem... The secondary
> nameserver doesn't start AXFR. Follow the message in the log:
> Received valid NOTIFY for "domain" (id=1) from master "master dns":
> 200212270 > 200212251
> And the AXFR does not start!
> When I use the 2.9.10 in primary nameserver and the 2.9.8 in
> the secondary nameverser it works!
> Whats is happening? I'm using the same configuration file!
> What is wrong?

I am told that the disable-xfer configuration item does not  entirely work
as intended.  I have to put in:


in my pdns.conf file for zone transfers to work at all.

With this line and without any allow-axfr-ips= lines, it will permit zone
transfers from anywhere.

If you want to restrict zone transfers to certain IPs, be sure to insert an
"allow-axfr-ips=(ips here, comma-delimited)" line.  AXFRs are denied from
anywhere else.

Hope this helps.


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