[Pdns-users] distributor threads

Graham White graham at bravenet.com
Fri Jul 4 18:10:06 UTC 2003

I noticed this in my log files:

Distributor misses a thread (4<5), spawning new one

Jul  4 10:33:06 pdns[4202]: gmysql Connection succesful


This was after my source build of pdns had been idle for quite a while.
The query worked fine - I am just curious what the opinion is on leaving
distributor threads set to 1 if it's better for high query setups?

 Also is anyone getting any signal 6 or 13's using the rpm version on
redhat 7.3?  It seems to happen after pdns is idle for a while and then
is hit with a query - it exits out and then restarts and then will
answer fine. 


Graham W


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