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Ryan Baldwin rbaldwin at point2.com
Fri Jul 4 16:44:14 UTC 2003

I'd like to start off briefly by apologizing for the amount of posting I've made in the past 24 hours on the mail list... I'm a complete newb to PDNS, and opensource in general... and I'm from the Microsoft world, so hey... Anyways, I believe this here is a good question.
1.  I'm trying to use Zone2sql.exe to migrate a couple thousand zones and about 30,000 host entries from Microsoft DNS zonefiles... unfortunately, there are thousands of .dns zonefiles (1 for every zone)... I'm wondering though if there's a parameter that I can pass to zone2sql that will point to the directory where all the zone files are located.  Now, I know there's --named-conf=, which, according to the documentation "Parse this named.conf to find locations of zones.", However, I have no idea what the structure of the named.conf file is supposed to be, and I'm having trouble finding anything online.  Will using a named.conf file solve my problem, or do I have to write a script that loops through each zonefile in the directory and executes the zone2sql on each zonefile individually?
2.  I noticed the insert statements generated by zone2sql are slightly different than the insert statements found in chapter 4 of the documentation, and some are just downright wrong.  For example, if I'm adding a record for test.com with a hostname of www, zone2sql outputs the following:
    insert into domains (name,type) values ('','NATIVE');
    insert into records (domain_id, name,type,content,ttl,prio) select id ,'www', 'A', '', 3600, 0 from domains where name='';
The obvious 'whoopsie' I see here is that the insert into domains statement fails to provide a value for name, where instead it should be 'test.com'.
The next part that really confuses me is the insert statement for the record.  The value zone2sql is providing for the name field is "www", where as in the documentation the value is a fully qualified domain name  <http://www.test.com> www.test.com.  Is this a bug?
The zonefiles are created by Win2K Server, and the zone2sql is from the windows release of PowerDNS 2.9.6.
Sorry for the long windedness, better to be thorough though... Can anybody point me in the wrong direction?
Thanking you all in advance,

- Ryan Baldwin
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