[Pdns-users] Nysql topology

Graham White graham at bravenet.com
Mon Feb 24 22:05:47 UTC 2003

I am a newbie to PowerDNS so bear with me. I am working on setting up
two name servers, one as a master and one as a slave that will handle
DNS for a potentially large number of domains. I'm not quite sure on the
topology for the setup.


        If I understand correctly the recommended way of setting up a
master and slave boxes is to have the master and slave connect to
separate mysql backend servers with the master connecting to a primary
mysql box and the slave connected to a second mysql box that is using
mysql replication? If this is the case then I assume that I don't need
to configure master=yes  and slave=yes on the respective DNS boxes and
any insert queries for a new domain would be:
insert into domains (name,type) values ('powerdns.com','NATIVE') 
which will of course be replicated on the respective mysql box. Is this

            If I wanted to configure the more traditional master/slave
setup using serial numbers do I still need two separate database
backends for each nameserver? If so then on the mysql box that the
master uses you do an insert on its database like so for a new domain:

insert into domains (name,type) values ('powerdns.com','MASTER');
while on the database server that the slave uses the insert statement
would be:
insert into domains (name,master,type) values
Is this correct? Then we can use serial numbers etc. According to the
docs, by simply updating the serial number on a postgres backend will
notify the slaves, is this true for mysql as well?




G. White          




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