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Nick Fisher nick at infotechsys.com
Tue Dec 23 16:56:15 UTC 2003

As a potential Windows user that has gone down the BIND route... I think
that would be a very good idea. I personally wanted to use pdns to replace
our buggy MSDNS servers. Sadly the windows support situation scared my
boss.... and to an extent me... into using BIND. The idea that if Michel
dropped dead all Win32 pdns support goes out the window doesn't inspire
confidence. The fact that 2.9.13 is the first release in quite a while to be
available for Win32... also doesn't inspire. What if we had been using pdns
and wanted the bug fixs in 2.9.7 or one of the others that didn't have a
Win32 version? Unless *we* wanted to hire Michel... we would be out of luck.

Just my 2c....


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> Not that this affects me, since I run PDNS on Linux - but wouldn't it be
> a good idea for PowerDNS BV to hire Michael Stol and actually do regular
> development work on the Windows version?
> It would benefit the community at large and I think it would also
> benefit the company. I don't see any indication of what PowerDNS BV
> actually *sells* but given that Windows users are more likely to be
> cluebies or semi-cluebies that require silly things like support
> contracts... :) [actually, even if it's a company large enough to have a
> competent IT staff, they usually like to have support contracts in place
> to keep support issues from becoming problems] For that matter, why
> doesn't the company sell support contracts for PowerDNS for *nix? Or
> does it? There's just not a ton of information on the site about stuff
> that you would need to pay for - just a mailto link to sales...
> WRT Windows, yes, I know that two of the biggest competitors to PDNS are
>   free -- BIND and MS DNS. However, PDNS runs rings around both in many
> different ways. (I've used both in the past, when forced to run Windows
> servers...)
> Just a thought...
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