[Pdns-users] Windows

Steve Sobol sjsobol at JustThe.net
Mon Dec 22 08:05:27 UTC 2003

Not that this affects me, since I run PDNS on Linux - but wouldn't it be 
a good idea for PowerDNS BV to hire Michael Stol and actually do regular 
development work on the Windows version?

It would benefit the community at large and I think it would also 
benefit the company. I don't see any indication of what PowerDNS BV 
actually *sells* but given that Windows users are more likely to be 
cluebies or semi-cluebies that require silly things like support 
contracts... :) [actually, even if it's a company large enough to have a 
competent IT staff, they usually like to have support contracts in place 
to keep support issues from becoming problems] For that matter, why 
doesn't the company sell support contracts for PowerDNS for *nix? Or 
does it? There's just not a ton of information on the site about stuff 
that you would need to pay for - just a mailto link to sales...

WRT Windows, yes, I know that two of the biggest competitors to PDNS are 
  free -- BIND and MS DNS. However, PDNS runs rings around both in many 
different ways. (I've used both in the past, when forced to run Windows 

Just a thought...

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