[Pdns-users] Win32 and supermasters......

"[Methilnet©]" methil at methilnet.com
Mon Dec 15 23:26:54 UTC 2003

Same result here too with the latest pdns-d.exe.

The server don't need to receive a notify to crash.

I have simply put a zone name i can axfr and as soon as the zone is 
committed in the backend the server crash right after this statement :
"UeberBackend destructor called, removing ourselves from instances, and 
deleting our backends".


Nick Fisher wrote:

>>>The only line that looks different is:
>>>AXFR done for 'nickdafish.net', zone committed
>>>Aside from that everything right down to the VC++ debug text is
>>>the same.
>>Is the data in the database now?
> Sorry... I don't know where my brain is today.....
> Yes the data is now in the DB. pdns will also start propperly after the
> inital crash caused by the zone being added. However it crashes again as
> soon as annother NOTIFY goes through. It does seem to crash *after* though,
> the records are entered and correct. In the domains table the last_check
> value is now showing up but notified_serial is still always 0.
>   Nick
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