[Pdns-users] Win32 and supermasters......

Nick Fisher nick at infotechsys.com
Mon Dec 15 22:46:31 UTC 2003

> > The only line that looks different is:
> > AXFR done for 'nickdafish.net', zone committed
> >
> > Aside from that everything right down to the VC++ debug text is
> exactally
> > the same.
> Is the data in the database now?
Sorry... I don't know where my brain is today.....

Yes the data is now in the DB. pdns will also start propperly after the
inital crash caused by the zone being added. However it crashes again as
soon as annother NOTIFY goes through. It does seem to crash *after* though,
the records are entered and correct. In the domains table the last_check
value is now showing up but notified_serial is still always 0.


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