[Pdns-users] mysql2ldap anyone?

Markus Welsch markus.welsch at suk.de
Sat Dec 6 22:59:04 UTC 2003

> The number one reason is that we have pretty much bought into LDAP for 
> all other administration purposes (users, mail, web auth etc etc) and we 
> wanted to clean things up a bit by consolidating DNS into this setup.

Centralization is good and bad at the same time :-)

> These factors were also among the contributing ones:
> - Some *strictly* unscientific testing we have done turned out in LDAP's 
> favor as far speed on reads. This may or may not be true in general, YMMV.
> - We found replication easier/more reliable to set up with LDAP than 
> with MySQL.

Which MySQL version did you take a look at? Replication is easy with 
MySQL 4.x at least:-)

> - LDAP's hierarchical nature suits us better than the somewhat "flat" 
> nature of SQL.

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