[Pdns-users] mysql2ldap anyone?

Joakim Ryden jryden at thebox.our-own.net
Sat Dec 6 22:52:56 UTC 2003

On 12/6/03 2:30 PM Markus Welsch wrote:

>> For various reasons I'm looking to migrate a current pdns installation 
>> using MySQL as the backend to LDAP instead. Anyone have any ideas on 
>> the best route to go for that?
> Would you mind stating your reasons?

Oh, not at all - just didn't think anyone was interested. :)

The number one reason is that we have pretty much bought into LDAP for 
all other administration purposes (users, mail, web auth etc etc) and we 
wanted to clean things up a bit by consolidating DNS into this setup.

These factors were also among the contributing ones:

- Some *strictly* unscientific testing we have done turned out in LDAP's 
favor as far speed on reads. This may or may not be true in general, YMMV.

- We found replication easier/more reliable to set up with LDAP than 
with MySQL.

- LDAP's hierarchical nature suits us better than the somewhat "flat" 
nature of SQL.

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