[Pdns-users] Bug in gsql backend

Bauer, Georg bauer at gws.ms
Mon Dec 15 15:12:34 UTC 2003


In version 2.9.12 in the gsql backend the update-serial-query is executed
with doQuery instead of doCommand (GSQLBackend::setFresh, line 41 in
pdns/backends/gsql/gsqlbackend.cc). On PostgreSQL this leads to an error, as
update statements don't return tuples and doQuery checks for a tuple
returning sql statement, not for some action statement. Other updates and
inserts are done with doCommand, so I assume this is just a typo.

The error occurs if you pdns_control notify some domain on the master pdns
instance. The gsql backend crashes the communication server due to
consecutive errors on this statement, at least that's how it looks. Changing
this to doCommand did solve the crashes.

bye, Georg

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