[Pdns-users] Multi-homed DNS?

bdushok at luzerne.edu bdushok at luzerne.edu
Fri Aug 29 18:02:51 UTC 2003


        Wouldn't that be similar to pointing two instances of pdns to 
different MySQL databases on the same server? 


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> On Friday 29 August 2003 18:46, Damian Gerow wrote:
> > I want (to have my cake and eat it too) to be able to maintain
> > *one* database with *one* set of records for a zone.  But to be
> > able to restrict RRs to certain networks.  i.e. I have a domain
> > example.org, and I run my internal LAN on that.  I don't want the
> > world being able to do DNS lookups for internal workstations, but I
> > /also/ don't want to have to maintain two copies of
> > www.example.org, ftp.example.org, mx1.example,org, mx2.example.org,
> > mx3.example.org, mail.example.org, etc.
> Perhaps I have a solution for your problem, but that requires a ldap 
> server:
> Set up two instances of PowerDNS accessing a common ldap server which 
> holds your dns records. The trick is to move your official records to 
> one subtree and your private records to another, e.g 
> ou=public,ou=hosts and ou=private,ou=hosts (your SOA record have to 
> be below ou=public). Configure your pdns instances to access 
> different parts of your tree, e.g the basedn of your public server 
> points to ou=public,ou=hosts and your private server to ou=hosts. Now 
> your private server can see all your records while the public server 
> only can see records below ou=public,ou=hosts.
> Norbert
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