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Marc van de Geijn mvdgeijn at xs4all.nl
Fri Apr 25 06:32:41 UTC 2003

You will probably get this reply from more people, but what I found is


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> Hi! I'm trying to migrate an very old bind to PowerDNS. I'm very very
> with it, (I was using a bind compiled more than 10 years ago!!)
> Well, the only question I've is about the administration of the data, I've
> converted all my bind data to my gmysql backend, but don't know what can
> the best way of updating it (adding/removing domains, etc).
> I don't want to deal with Inserts, updates, etc.. Is there any frontend
> the sql data, specific for PDNS? like php or bash-scripts?
> I'm thinking about developing one in php, but don't pretend to reinvent
> wheel, if there is one working, just use it :)
> Thanks :P
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