[Pdns-users] Administration..

Luar Roji luar at roji.net
Fri Apr 25 06:23:19 UTC 2003

Hi! I'm trying to migrate an very old bind to PowerDNS. I'm very very happy
with it, (I was using a bind compiled more than 10 years ago!!)

Well, the only question I've is about the administration of the data, I've
converted all my bind data to my gmysql backend, but don't know what can be
the best way of updating it (adding/removing domains, etc).

I don't want to deal with Inserts, updates, etc.. Is there any frontend for
the sql data, specific for PDNS? like php or bash-scripts?
I'm thinking about developing one in php, but don't pretend to reinvent the
wheel, if there is one working, just use it :)

Thanks :P

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