[Pdns-users] Performance?

A/S ScanNet - Dan Faerch dan at scannet.dk
Fri Apr 4 17:03:42 UTC 2003

> Anyone out there care to share there experiences with powerDNS and it
> ability to handle high traffic?  Additionally does MySQL replication
> master/slave scenario use more or less bandwidth than a bind IXFR based
> system?

We choose to run PowerDNS after a couple of tests wich went very well.. We
handle at times about 356 queries a sec on one DNS server alone..The
response time is stunning, even under heavy load.. We also run the MySQL
backend, but we do not use mysql-replication, nor a master/slave concept..
Both nameservers act as a primary server, and the replication is taken care
of by a system we've made our selves, so i cant really tell you much about
how good replica works..

There is little need for reloading and/or restart, since all changes take
effect instantly.. And it doesnt take more than 15-20 seconds to shutdown or
startup :)

I must say that all in all we found powerdns really impressive :)

- Dan Faerch
A/S ScanNet

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