[Pdns-users] Round Robin DNS - NOT?!?!

Markus Gebert pdns-user at gebert.net
Thu Apr 3 15:52:21 UTC 2003


Sorry for not answering to the thread. I'm new to this list. This
is a follow-up to Justin Hammond's posting '[Pdns-users] Round Robin DNS
- NOT?!?!'.

I'm experiencing the same problem. Multiple A records seem not to be
delivered in a random order using round robin as this is done by BIND.
This lets the webserver, which is referenced by the first entry, handle
almost all connections, which is not quite load balancing.

pdns version:  2.9.7
os:            RedHat Linux 7.3
pdns backend:  gmysql

Any workarounds?
Or powerdns developers that want to implement this? :)

Thank you


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