[Pdns-users] Help!?

Vinicius Correa - Plug In Internet Corporativa vcorrea at plugin.com.br
Thu Apr 24 19:55:40 UTC 2003

Hi, I'm new using PowerDNS and I have some questions.
I know PowerDNS is a authorithative nameserver only, what means it
will not go out on the net to resolve queries about other domains that it
does not know about.

To make this the documentation recommends use DJBDNS, but in my
tests I've installed DJBDNS in the same machine and the two softwares
doesn't work at the same time, because DJBDNS try listen requests on
port 53 as the PowerDNS.

What I want is to use DJBDNS just as dns cache and PowerDNS as
nameserver in the same machine.

How can I install and use the two softwares in the same machine?
Or I should use another machine as DNS cache?

Can somebody help me?



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