[Pdns-dev] [dns-operations] dns response rate limiting (DNS RRL) patch available for testing

abang abang at t-ipnet.net
Mon Jun 25 09:47:44 CEST 2012

Hello Peter,

>> ips can be deleted at the end of prequery if it gets too large. I think that would have no major negative effect.
>> ...
>> maxips = 10000
>> function prequery ( dnspacket )
>>    ...
>>    ...
>>    if #ips > maxips
>>    then
>>       ips = {}
>>    end
>> end
> Because ips is being used as a dictionary (Perl would call it a hash), #ips is always zero, and there is no cheap way to ask a table how many entries it has.. Keeping a running total separately is feasible, of course.

Oops, yes that's right, of course. I mistaken hashes for arrays.

Do you think it is doable and make sense to implement rate limiting 
inside the Recursor? The Lua hook should be in front of the packetcache 


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