[Pdns-dev] errors with lates rpm

Толстов Василий vase at clodo.ru
Tue Jun 28 00:25:29 CEST 2011

28 июня 2011 г. 2:22 пользователь Maik Zumstrull <maik at zumstrull.net> написал:
> 2011/6/28 Толстов Василий <vase at clodo.ru>:
>> Hello. Now i have again errors with supermaster mode like this:
>> Domain 41.76.62.in-addr.arpa more recent than master, our serial 0 >
>> their serial 3535564568
> That looks suspiciously like a uint32_t rollover issue.
> If PowerDNS is using sequence space arithmetic, this behavior is
> actually correct. Set the database serial to $REAL_SERIAL - 1 to work
> around. If that doesn't fix it, pdns is probably wrongly using
> int32_t. Try $REAL_SERIAL + 1 in that case and file a bug.

In database notifyed_serial is unsigned int. And problem, that in
database this record absent - slave does not have this record - i'm
truncate database in slave, to push master zones.

Vasiliy G Tolstov

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