[Pdns-dev] PowerDNS performance

jerry.du jerry.du at jetnode.com
Fri Jan 7 15:03:47 CET 2011


Thanks for your response. I tried set receiver-threads=16 but only get 40K
qps, but if down to 4 as you said, it is 43K qps now. I think the bottleneck
is in single thread cache. May be we need multi-thread cache for better
performance. How you think?

[chv at dasc301 queryperf]# ./queryperf -d inputfile -s -l 50

DNS Query Performance Testing Tool
Version: $Id: queryperf.c,v 1.12 2007/09/05 07:36:04 marka Exp $

[Status] Processing input data
[Status] Sending queries (beginning with
[Status] Testing complete


  Parse input file:     multiple times
  Run time limit:       50 seconds
  Ran through file:     2162601 times

  Queries sent:         2162602 queries
  Queries completed:    2162602 queries
  Queries lost:         0 queries
  Queries delayed(?):   0 queries

  RTT max:              0.010540 sec
  RTT min:              0.000063 sec
  RTT average:          0.000268 sec
  RTT std deviation:    0.000106 sec
  RTT out of range:     0 queries

  Percentage completed: 100.00%
  Percentage lost:        0.00%

  Started at:           Fri Jan  7 21:55:52 2011
  Finished at:          Fri Jan  7 21:56:42 2011
  Ran for:              50.000092 seconds

  Queries per second:   43251.960416 qps

[chv at dasc301 queryperf]#


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On Fri, Jan 07, 2011 at 09:19:17PM +0800, jerry.du wrote:
>  Hi guys,
> I installed an  authoritative PDNS server. Server configure 4 x Xero 
> 3.4 CPU, 4G memory. I used 16 mysql bankend threads. But only get 
> around 40K qps every time with queryperf.

Somewhere around 50kqps there is a bottleneck that always requires work.

In your case, can you try setting the (undocumented) receiver-threads to 4?

Like this: receiver-threads=4
Can you also try other numbers?

In general, you will probably not be able to exceed around 100kqps because
of other reasons, but please let us know your results!


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