[Pdns-dev] no more crashes with powerdns on Sun Sparc Solaris8

Juergen Ilse powerdns at usenet-verwaltung.de
Thu Jan 29 14:01:26 CET 2009


in the past, i noticed crashes from pdns_server on Sun Sparc Solaris8

Apr 16 11:58:38 ns6 pdns[2265]: [ID 702911 local0.error] Our pdns instance (3042) exited after signal 10

I haven't notice these messages any more, since i yesterday upgraded to
revision 1326 (for pdns_server i always used svn-sources with a small set
of patches, that allowed me to compile the sources on Sun Sparc Solaris8).

The linux-version (on X86 Hardware) never crashed, so it seemed to be either
specific to Solaris8 or specific to Sparc or both ...

I had no crashes since i started the new version of powerdns 23.8 hours
and 8286701 queries ago ...

The last such crash on Solaris was:

Jan 28 09:33:18 ns3 pdns[12596]: [ID 702911 local0.error] Our pdns instance (15666) exited after signal 10

with revision 1324, so something seems to have changed between 1324 and 1326,
which leads to "no crashes any more" ...

Thanks for the good work on powerdns.

        Juergen Ilse                    (juergen.ilse at pop-hannover.net)
Ein Domainname (auch wenn er Teil einer Mailadresse ist) ist nur ein Name,
nicht mehr und nicht weniger ...

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