[Pdns-dev] Packet size,

bert hubert bert.hubert at netherlabs.nl
Thu May 17 20:12:37 CEST 2007

On Wed, May 16, 2007 at 12:26:38PM -0400, Michael Luich wrote:
> Hello everyone,
>    I'm trying to use PowerDNS to hold a x509 ssl cert.  unfortunatley I 
> keep getting:
> Received an overly large question from, dropping

This is a bit strange - it says 'overly large *question*'. What kind of
question are you asking?

> I there an easy way to increase the allowed packet size? I don't think 
> just increasing the check will do any good, I'm hoping someone has an 
> idea on where to start. thanks.

We can easily raise this to 1500 bytes, we just didn't see the need to deal
with *questions* this large. Are you sure your question is correct?


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