[Pdns-dev] OpendbxBackend errors

Norbert Sendetzky norbert at linuxnetworks.de
Fri Feb 16 22:21:53 CET 2007

Hi Arjo

> I figured it out. I'm running a cronjob at night doing some backup jobs,
> which include stopping and restarting MySQL.
> This happens as soon as MySQL goes away:
> Extract from my logs:
> Feb 16 05:00:00 deathstar pdns[61210]: [OpendbxBackend] execStmt: Unable
> to execute query - MySQL server has gone away
> Feb 16 05:00:00 deathstar pdns[61210]: [OpendbxBackend] Unable to bind
> to database on host localhost - Can't connect to local MySQL server
> through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock' (2)
> Feb 16 05:00:00 deathstar pdns[61210]: Database module reported
> condition which prevented lookup - sending out servfail
> Feb 16 05:00:00 deathstar pdns[61210]: [OpendbxBackend] escape(string):
> Unable to escape string - Invalid parameter
> Feb 16 05:00:00 deathstar pdns[61210]: [OpendbxBackend] lookup: Caught
> STL exception - odbx_escape() failed
> OpenDBX (or PowerDNS?) does not recover from this situation until
> PowerDNS is restarted, even after MySQL comes back. I just reproduced
> this behaviour.

The opendbxbackend included in 2.9.20 (up to patch 4) failed to recover from 
loosing database connections permanently because it tries to reconnect only 
if querying the database failed. Unfortunately, if it couldn't reconnect 
immediately it won't be able to escape input (domain names) any more.

The bug is fixed in the patch (version 5) applicable to stock 2.9.20 and 
available at http://linuxnetworks.de/pdnsodbx/index.html. I suggest all 
package maintainers and users to upgrade to this new version rather soon.

Thank you for everyones help

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