[Pdns-dev] OpendbxBackend errors

Norbert Sendetzky norbert at linuxnetworks.de
Fri Feb 16 19:27:08 CET 2007

Hi Arjo

> Feb 16 07:01:26 deathstar pdns[61210]: [OpendbxBackend] escape(string):
> Unable to escape string - Invalid parameter
> Feb 16 07:01:26 deathstar pdns[61210]: [OpendbxBackend] lookup: Caught
> STL exception - odbx_escape() failed
> Feb 16 07:01:26 deathstar pdns[61210]: Database module reported
> condition which prevented lookup - sending out servfail

Could you give me some more information? Does it respond to every query in 
this way? Does this happen as soon as PowerDNS starts up or at a later stage?

> Versions I'm using:
> - PowerDNS 2.9.20
> - OpenDBX 1.2.1 compiled with _only_ the MySQL backend

Do you use stock 2.9.20 or modified by the latest patch available for the 
opendbx backend?

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