[Pdns-dev] powerDNS resolving one domain but not another hosted on the same instance

bert hubert bert.hubert at netherlabs.nl
Tue Apr 17 20:18:57 CEST 2007

On Tue, Apr 17, 2007 at 01:02:54PM -0400, Donald Knights wrote:

> The first site (www.designknights.com) on works fine.
> The second site (www.edensidechristian.org) on does not. 


These are the nameservers for edensidechristian.org:
ns1.edensidechristian.org. 86286 IN     A
ns2.edensidechristian.org. 86286 IN     A

These are the nameservers for designknights.com:
ns2.designknights.com.  172763  IN      A
ns1.designknights.com.  172763  IN      A

Note how they share .128, but not .35. So we have 3 IP addresses:, and

Of these, only .135 answers to UDP questions on port 53. The all work over
*TCP* port 53 however. 

If we take a closer look, we see this: >  9042+ A? www.designknights.com. (39) >  9042*- 1/0/0 A[|domain]

Which tells us questions to are being answered by

This in turn means you ignored our friendly advise during startup :-)

Apr 17 19:17:04 It is advised to bind to explicit addresses with the --local-address option
Apr 17 19:17:04 UDP server bound to
Apr 17 19:17:04 TCP server bound to

Please add the following to your configuration:


And things will work as intended. Right now PowerDNS is unable to properly
answer queries from the right IP address. BIND gets this right
automatically, at the expense of around a thousand lines of code, something
we've not yet found the time or energy for.

Good luck!

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