[Pdns-dev] PowerDNS Recursor 3.1.3 released

bert hubert bert.hubert at netherlabs.nl
Tue Sep 12 22:29:53 CEST 2006

We are proud to release 3.1.3, compared to 3.1.2, this release again
consists of a number of mostly minor bug fixes, and some slight

Thanks to some recent migrations, this release, is already powering over 40
million internet connections that we know of. We appreciate hearing about
succesful as well as unsuccesful migrations, please feel free to notify
us (privately) of your experiences, good or bad.


I386, Debian, RPM:

AMD64/X86_64, Debian, RPM:

These release notes, with clickable links, are also available on:

Many thanks are again due to Darren Gamble who together with his team has
discovered many misconfigured domains that do work with some other name
servers. DNS has long been tolerant of misconfigurations, PowerDNS intends
to uphold that tradition. Almost all of the domains found by Darren now
work as well in PowerDNS as in other name server implementations.


  * The MThread default stack size was too small, which led to problems,
    mostly on 64-bit platforms. This stack size is now configurable using
    the stack-size setting should our estimate be off. Discovered by
    Darren Gamble, Sten Spans and a number of others. Fixed in commit 868.

  * Plug a small memory leak discovered by Kai and Darren Gamble, fixed in
    commit 870.

  * Switch from the excellent nedmalloc to dlmalloc, based on advice by
    the nedmalloc author. Nedmalloc is optimised for multithreaded
    operation, whereas the PowerDNS recursor is single threaded. The
    version of nedmalloc shipped contained a number of possible bugs,
    which are probably resolved by moving to dlmalloc. Some reported
    crashes on hitting 2G of allocated memory on 64 bit systems might be
    solved by this switch, which should also increase performance. See
    commit 873 for details.


  * The cache is now explicitly aware of the difference between
    authoritative and unauthoritative data, allowing it to deal with some
    domains that have different data in the parent zone than in the
    authoritative zone. Patch in commit 867.

  * No longer try to parse DNS updates as if they were queries. Discovered
    and fixed by Jan Gyselinck, fix in commit 871.

  * Rebalance logging priorities for less log cluttering and add IP
    address to a remote server error message. Noticed and fixed by Jan
    Gyselinck (commit 877).

  * Add logging-facility setting, allowing syslog to send PowerDNS logging
    to a separate file. Added in commit 871.

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