[Pdns-dev] pdns + gmysql + round robin

Paul G paul at rusko.us
Tue May 4 03:09:32 CEST 2004


my bad. well, somewhat. the records were (looked) correct in and of
themselves when said problems cropped up. however, after doing delete from
records; and reinserting everything, all seems to be well.

your views solution is spot on. i suspect i may even get away with mysql and
customizing the gmysql query. all i care to do is exclude records that have
a weight of 0 (dead hosts) and return only two top-weighted records (i have
three boxes per cluster).

i will post whatever i come up with to the list (must save face =).


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> You can probably do this by using PostgreSQL or SQLite and views in the
> database. We are doing something similar for the Blitzed IRC network. See
> as an example of such a database.

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