[Pdns-dev] pdns + gmysql + round robin

Paul G paul at rusko.us
Mon May 3 06:30:38 CEST 2004

1. i have rtfmed
2. i have googled
3. i glanced at the code (its 5am ;)

running: pdns 2.9.16 (--module=gmysql --dyn-module=pipe) on linux with mysql
4.0.18 (for the sake of completeness)

from what i've seen, it does not seem possible to do round robin (ie return
multiple records) with the g{pg,my}sql backend. if so, is writing my own
backend (most likely hacking up the existing gsql one) the suggested course
of action? suggestions/pointers are welcome.

the idea is/was to have an external monitoring process that updates the
records table, adding and removing A records for, say,
web.cluster1.domain.com based on some logic (currently httping'ing the

is there a public/private implementation of weighted round robin that does
not have any weighting logic embedded into it? ie, i would like to see
something that returns one A record based on the value in a 'weight' column,
where that column is updated periodically by an external process.

i am not averse to working on a patch/hack to take care of this, but its
early(late) and, for lamentable external reasons, some kind of a solution
needs to be up asap.


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