[Pdns-dev] daemon/guardian mode

Bastiaan van der Put bas at web4friends.com
Sun Jan 11 10:52:31 CET 2004


For some reason pdns_server doesnt want to run in daemon/guardian mode.
running in monitor and without any options it works ok.

Running linux mysql backend.

DNS Proxy launched, local port 13376, remote
About to create 3 backend threads
Master/slave communicator launching
gmysql Connection succesful
All slave domains are fresh
gmysql Connection succesful
No master domains need notifications
gmysql Connection succesful
gmysql Connection succesful
Done launching threads, ready to distribute question

when running guardian and daemon, using the init script

[BindBackend] This is the bind backend version 2.9.13 (Jan 11 2004, 
10:41:12) reporting
[Bind2Backend] This is the bind backend version 2.9.13 (Jan 11 2004, 
10:40:19) reporting
[RandomBackend] This is the randombackend version 2.9.13 (Jan 11 2004, 
10:39:59) reporting
This is module gmysqlbackend.so reporting
Listening on controlsocket in '/var/run/pdns.controlsocket'

So no mysql connections are started.

Greetings, Bas

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