AW: [Pdns-dev] ldapdns schema compatibility for LDAP backend [PATCH]

Piotr Roszatycki Piotr_Roszatycki at
Mon Dec 29 17:12:58 CET 2003

norbert at wrote:
> Hi Piotr
> I've thought about your patch and the compatibility to ldapdns the whole
> night and day, but my conclusions may not be satisfying to you in all
> areas.

It's no problem at all :)

> If you don't need PTR records that are different from the corresponding A
> records, simple set ldap-disable-ptrrecord=yes. If you do or if you need
> additional record types, include the dnsdomain2 schema from the bind ldap
> developer in slapd.conf. That's all. There's no need to modify something
> inside a schema.

At most I'd like to use pure COSINE schema without any additional 
schemas. Your idea with ldap-disable-ptrrecord is OK.

>>dn: dc=www,dc=example,dc=net,ou=DNS,
>>objectClass: top
>>objectClass: dnsDomain
>>dc: www
>>and the simple query is "objectClass=*" with base scope on basedn
> That isn't that dumb and I want to include this feature in the pdns ldap
> backend. Thank you for the code.

This feature is most interesting for me. I very thank you for applying 
it to your code.

>>Another difference is usage of cNAMERecord field to store PTR record in
> You have to admit that this is really brain dead.
> I don't want to implement something that violates RFCs so much.
> If you've used ldapdns in the past and now want to switch to pdns, I want
> to help you as much as possible by helping to implement conversion tools
> to even out the small but obstructive differences. But to fully mimic the
> ldapdns behaviour is not what I want.
> I hope, you understand my decisions.

I agree with you. The converter for ldapdns->pdns database should be 
enough as far as you include search-by-dn feature.

Thanks a lot and Happy New Year!

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